Fort Clark Springs Golf

Couples Golf Results Jan. 24, 2013

Fort Clark Couples golf had a total of 60 people play in the weekly tournament making 15 teams of 4.

The results were : 1st with a 38.5 Donnie & Judy Letsinger/Wayne & Debbie                                     Isaacs

                                2nd with a 43 Garth & Rose Jones/Pat & Hoagy Nelson

                                3rd with a 43 Don Allen & Fern Dyer/ Bob & Pat Bergstrum 

                                4th with a 43.75 Ron & Claudett Null/Sandee & Larry                                               Hagan

                                5th with a  45 John & Marilyn Ballard/Don & Darlene                                               Sandwick


1ST PLACE Jan. 2013 The team of Flip Talamantez (missing) Debra Jo Tischler, M.R. Rosas, and Don Allen with a score of 59

2nd PLACE also with a 59 score was Tom McNewm, Carl Dalton, Fernando Romero and Philip Pena (missing)

 There was a total of 19 teams played other scores were a 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, and two 69's